Discovery allows you to see where active scribes are.  Your main screen shows your current discovery status.  In this case “active”. To access “discovery” simply tap the sharing group of people icon in the footer.

You will then see your shared locations along with a new footer with the “radar” icon.

A slide down screen will show you some hot featured locations you may want to add to your shared location list.

Tap the “radar” icon to enter “discovery”.

The “discovery” screen will show active scribes within your chosen radius. You can toggle from everywhere, to 100, 10, or 1 kilometer, to 100, or 10 meters, by tapping the radius button.

Your discovery status can also be changed from active(people can see your scribe name and send you messages), to stealth (your name is hidden, but you still appear as active at a location. No tagging possible), to hidden( your location is not available. No tagging possible).

If your status is active, you can tag people you discover and send them a message. Messages can only be seen by the person tagged. Your tags are shown.  Tags are displayed in green to stand out from the routine discoveries.

If a discovery is within 10 kilometers of one of your favorite locations, that favorite location name will be indicated in a shaded area along with the direction from your current location.

The map icon in the listing allows you to see the discovered person’s location.

Tap on a discovered person to be taken to that location to see what’s up, there.  You can save a location as a favorite (the heart icon in the footer) to visit it again and have it indicated in the shaded discovery listing, if there is activity there.

Tap the map icon in the footer to see the trending locations around you or around the world. Its up to you.

You control discovery.

Toggle your status from active, to name hidden (stealth mode) to totally disabled (no location or name revealed). It’s up to you!