Free location based iPhone®, iPod touch® and iPad™ messaging.

goGlyph™ is about locations. Messages at locations. People at locations.

goGlyph uses geolocation to discover messages left by scribes at your location, creating a “location network”. A network where users only need to have a location in common.  They don’t need to be “friends” or “followers” to join the “location network”.

goGlyph messages are attached to a location. They are there when people visit the location, either in person, or remotely. Their lifespan is well beyond the few minutes of most social media.

goGlyph discovers active scribes worldwide or as close as only 10 meters away. You can make new friends by “tagging” scribes you see. Send them a direct message, if you like. Save their location to your favorites list. See if there are active users at your saved favorite locations. Expand your circle of friends. Connect with users worldwide.

goGlyph shows you the hot locations worldwide with realtime location trending. See what spots are hot now and connect with people there!

Locations are no longer a mystery and there are always active scribes waiting to be your friend! You have 250 characters to leave your mark and if that’s not enough, add a link to your message.

Discover active scribes worldwide or confine your discovery to only 10 meters around you. See someone you want to “tag”? Send them a message. Make a new friend or just a new contact. Perhaps you’re curious about what’s up at one of your favorite spots, discovery is for you!

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